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In today’s context of multiple crises (liquidity crisis, credit crisis, crisis of confidence) and strengthening of banking regulations (Basel III, Vickers Report, Volcker Rule), financial institutions are being forced to review both their business models and their management processes. They are facing entirely new challenges to which they often need to respond in short timeframes: refocusing on core businesses and services (disposal of asset portfolios or activities), reviewing business strategies (client mix, range of services), changing financial management processes (liquidity, solvency, compliance), management of crisis situations (litigation, restructuring).

Strategic assessment

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  • Preparing strategic plans (complete review of core activities, business plans, growth strategies)
  • Defining new development opportunities (new products / channels / clientele, rates policy)
  • Searching for synergetic openings (in earnings and costs).

Background work
Preparation of a strategic plan for selling an online banking service, defining a business plan for a French banking concern wishing to launch a construction credit line, assistance in the framework of selling a long-term credit line to a subsidiary, etc.

Financial assessment

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  • Consultation for projects aimed at optimising solvency (review of sales portfolios, preparation of a RWA and equity optimisation plan, defining solvency models) and liquidity (EMIR regulation
    and optimisation of derivatives, analysing the impact of Basel III, optimising collateral, defining liquidity envelopes, creating stress scenarios, defining new refinancing instruments)
  • Assisting in the redesign of steering tools for financial establishments (redesigning the general steering, redesigning the control over liquidity, redesigning the controls over ALM risks and compliance).

Background work
Assisting the selection of sellable assets owned by a French banking establishment, consultancy concerned with the terms for selling a Swaps portfolio, preparation of a business plan for steering the solvency models for given banking establishments, etc.

Acquisitions / sales of business lines

Accuracy by your side

  • Assistance in the pre-transaction phase (preparing Vendor Due Diligence, Financial Fact Books, performing specific analyses)
  • Assistance in the transaction phase (Due diligence, performing specific analyses – transferring refinancing, assessments)
  • Assistance in the post-transactions phase (calculation of earn out clauses, assistance in drafting the financial clauses of protocol, defining the terms for transferring refinancing)

Background work
Performing VDD for the subsidiary of a banking concern in Portugal, consulting missions on the terms of the transfer of refinancing as part of the sale of one of the subsidiaries of a banking concern involved in the mortgage sector, drafting of a business plan and the assessment of a subsidiary specialised in credit consolidation, etc.


Accuracy by your side

  • Assistance in fighting fraud and money-laundering
  • Assistance in the area of mediation, arbitration and disputes related to an SPA (financial assessment, estimates of the total stakes…)
  • Assistance in the area of litigation related to toxic assets

Background work
Our teams have taken part in missions to support the legal departments of financial institutions in cases
involving fraud, post-acquisition litigation, estimates of potential prejudice in case of losses from toxic assets, etc.


Accuracy by your side

  • Financial assessment of non-productive business lines and establishments facing crises environments (liquidity, risk…)
  • Rationalisation of costs in a crisis environment.

Background work
Preparing restructuring scenarios following an inspection by the banking commission, defining general orientations in the context of cost killing, estimates of the impacts related to restructuring plans, etc.